Author’s Style

Style is The unique way in which an author writes. ANSWERS: How do you feel about the way the author writes?

Describe what you liked or disliked about the writer’s style. Pick your favorite passage, and write the passage out


Describe how this particular passage relates to the story as a whole.
Does it reveal anything specific about any of the characters (characterization)?
Does it illuminate certain aspects of the story?
Can you recognize the varying importance of setting, theme, plot, and characterization in this story?
Describe a point in the plot where the setting played a major role. Why was the setting important to this event?
Describe a point in the plot where the theme played a major role. How did the theme shine through in this event?
Describe a point in the plot where the characterization was the driving force. What elements of characterization were emphasized in this event?
What point in the plot was crucial to the transmittal of the theme of the story?
What literary devices does the author frequently use? like to use?

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