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A Highly Qualified Teacher & Leader

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Recent Achievements

  • Times of Israel Blogger
  • 2007 University of Phoenix (online campus), Phoenix, AZ (online) – MA Ed. Administration & Supervision
  • State of North Carolina Professional Educator’s License
    • Principal (Grades K-12)
    • Middle Grades Language Arts (Grades 6-9)
    • July 2008 –  June 30, 2014
    • Valid through June 30, 2019
    • Recently Updated Charlotte-Mecklenberg Schools – Transcript <— Click that. Always growing.

Historically Significant Professional Development & Involvement

  • 1998 – 2008 School Improvement & Accountability Committee Member
  • 1999 – 2001 ESOL Endorsement Workshops
  • Curriculum Materials & Development
  • Testing & Evaluation
  • Applied Linguistics
  • Cross-cultural Communication
  • Methods of Teaching ESOL
  • 1999 6-Traits of Writing
  • 2000 Writer’s Workshop
  • 2001 – 2002 PADEIA I & II (Socratic Methods)
  • 2001 Middle Schools Conquer the FCAT
  • 2002 FL DOE FCAT Item Review Committee – FCAT TEST DESIGN
  • 2002 FL DOE FCAT Passage Review Committee – FCAT TEST DESIGN
  • 2002 Strategies for Integrating Holocaust Curriculum Across the Curriculum
  • 2002 Writing with Support & Elaboration
  • 2003 Teacher Institute on Holocaust Studies (CERTIFICATE)
  • 2003 Integrating & Infusing Holocaust Studies/Middle
  • 2003 Strategies for Teaching Character Education
  • 2003 FCAT Writing for Middle Schools
  • 2003 Literature Circles Workshop
  • 2003 Literary Fair Coordinators Workshop
  • 2003 Middle & High School Critical Content Writing Level I
  • 2003 Middle & High School Critical Content Writing Level II
  • 2004 Broward New Literature Series – Core Works 6-12
  • 2004 National Board Certification Candidate (not achieved)
  • 2004 Digital Education Teacher Academy
  • 2005 Literary Fair Coordinators Workshop
  • 2005 – 2008 Westpine Pinnacle Train the Trainer: Basics, Phase I, Phase II
  • District Technology Refresh Train the Trainer – Mobile Laptop Carts
  • 2007 Promethean Board Trainer & Training
  • 2007 Instructional Coach Professional Development Workshop
  • Extracurricular Activities: Swimming, hiking, reading, blogging, music

1998 to  Present – Honors Language Arts Teacher ( 6-8 ); Advanced/Gifted Reading Teacher ( 8 )

  • Used differentiated instructional methods to ensure equity for all students.
  • Taught writing, reading, literature and poetic forms to 7th and 8th graders.
  • Taught the Holocaust, Black History, Reading, Writing, Literary & Poetic Forms
  • Modeled proper methods in all areas of learning, and was mindful of learning styles
  • Changed teaching methods relative to student needs; applied varying modes and methods of instruction as appropriate for situation and/or unit
  • Used individual, cooperative, peer, workshop, seminar and other situations to facilitate learning.
  • Implemented portfolio grading systems for essay writing samples and a poetry unit.
  • Followed all Florida Department of Education Sunshine State Standards.
  • Included all Florida Department of Education Sunshine State Standards in lesson plans
  • Included an array of teaching practices to accommodate ESOL, Gifted, and Advanced students.
  • Used Daily Journals with students in a variety of ways
  • Met needs of students with exceptionalities relative to Individual Education Plan (IEP) & 504 report requirements as mandated.
  • Used a combination of 6+1 Traits “point-of-focus” Grading System and FL DOE Holistic Assessment Systems for writing instruction and assessment
  • Tutored students before and after school as needed.
  • Made oral presentations that were clear and easy to understand
  • Used disaggregated data to ensure proper individual instruction as the academic year progressed.
  • Implemented strategies for improving teaching and learning – put improvement efforts into action.
  • Dealt tactfully with parents, teachers, students, and community members in emotionally stressful situations or in conflict
  • Communicated praise as well as difficulties to students and parents throughout the school year.
  • Maintained classroom control using positive assertive discipline methods; allowed students to be human beings.
  • Planned, organized and chaperoned extra-curricular activities such as curriculum-extending outings, sports, field trips, community-based gatherings
  • Designed, Maintained, and Moderated Blog Website to satisfy district 2010 technology goals
  • Integrated all available technology for teaching and learning into teaching approach: digital still camera, digital video camera, LCD Projector, Promethean Board, Apple (MAC) Powerbook G4, Wireless Microphone, Advanced (MAC) Software, Printer, Airport (MAC), DVD Player, iPod & other MP3 Player
  • Developed original units of study for many literature genres: Adventure, Biography, Romance, Coming-of-Age, Women’s Fiction, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery, Horror, Literary, Mainstream, Crime, Historical Fiction, Alternate History
  • Deployed assignments through website taking care to maintain equity in education for those with limited access to technology.
  • Achieved unprecedented student participation in my classroom

Language Arts Department Chair (2006-08) & Instructional Coach (2007-08) Language Arts Lead Teacher (2006 – Present)

  • Set Appropriate Instructional Direction with colleagues
  • Provided direction within department in achieving stated school mission and vision goals
  • Designed and led technology trainings for entire school faculty and administration
  • Designed engaging, challenging, SSS aligned curriculum for use in all Language Arts classes.
  • Created stepped Writing Curriculum Maps for 6th through 8th grades
  • Created online resources for Language Arts, Reading, Social Studies Departmental Use
  • Made regular observations of all veteran language arts teachers & new educators
  • Used a brief classroom walkthrough format, as well as formal 15-30 minute sessions to assess strengths and weaknesses in SIX domain: Planning, Classroom Management, Instructional Organization and Development, Content/Subject Matter, Communication, and Assessment
  • Used Continuing Improvement Process for consultation, observation, and goal determinations with colleagues
  • Coached new educators toward quality lesson design and effective classroom management when necessary
  • Coached and helped colleagues regularly
  • Suggested strategies for improving teaching and learning
  • Provided specific feedback based on observations and data
  • Viewed as the “GO TO Guy”
  • Worked collaboratively with other department heads to coordinate curriculum designs
  • Coordinated development of Standardized Test Preparation Materials in Reading, Writing, Math, Science
  • Designed technology curriculum for Standardized Test Preparation in Reading, Math, and Writing
  • Collaborated with other department heads and administration to develop a school improvement plan in line with district goals
  • Assumed responsibilities and recognized when decisions were required
  • Took prompt action as issues emerged
  • Assigned appropriate priority to significant issues
  • Exercised appropriate caution in making decisions and in taking action
  • Resolved short-term issues while balancing them against long-term objectives
  • Made oral presentations that were clear and easy to understand
  • Knew what to delegate and to whom; knew what information to communicate and to whom
  • Dealt tactfully with others in emotionally stressful situations or in conflict
  • Expressed ideas clearly in writing
  • Wrote appropriately for different audiences
  • Planned and scheduled one’s own and the work of others so that resources were used appropriately
  • Modeled and encouraged behaviors that moved groups toward task completion
  • Made research-backed data-driven curriculum decisions


  • Spending time with my family while Gardening, Reading, Writing, Hiking, Musicing (Zat a word?), Blogging
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