What is the purpose of Minor Characters ?

All minor characters in a work of fiction are written into the story in order to illustrate some aspect of the main character. Some charcters help us to see internal traits. In the book Rebel, Amanda Jane Keeling, AKA Rebel is the main character.

Many times students just take their notes and write them into sentences to describe the minor characters – DO NOT DO THAT.

The assignment is for you to share how each of these characters affect who Rebel is, not to tell about the minor characters.

Remember, the purpose of all minor characters IN ANY STORY is to shed light on the major/main one.

Take notes about each character as you read the story. Please make sure the notes are only to help the you remember who the characters are and how they effect Rebel. You are not to use them to share the affects or at least not directly.

Does the character: (a) make her think?; (b) make her do something she wouldn’t normally do?; (c) make her angry?; (d) create problems?; (e) scare her or make her uncomfortable?; (f) encourage him?; (g) anything I haven’t listed here, etc.?

1. Gram
2. Viola
3. Moses
4. Pookie
5. Tiger
6. Mr. & Mrs. Dolzycki

On a separate sheet of paper, explain how the minor characters affect Rebel’s thoughts and actions. Then post your answers to the Blog.

You must address each of the characters listed. Please post separately for each character listed.

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