The Time Machine Discussion Series

The Socratic Discussion of Chapters 1-6

The classroom will be set up in a large (sort of) circle.

As you enter the classroom, you will need to present your Ticket In.


Your Ticket In should have on it:


  • 1 Discussion Question
  • 1 Complete & Thorough Answer
  • 1 Graphic Representation (Extra Credit)

If you do not have your Ticket In, you will get credit for being in class. You will not get full class participation credit, though. Your job will be to:

  • Sit in the middle of the circle.
  • Tally when students are on task.
  • Tally when students are off task.

You may use/bring:

  • Chapter Summary Assignments
  • All Discussion Questions
  • Literary Devices Definitions & Examples
  • The Time Machine Book

—————- THE RULES —————-

THis is about discussion, not debate. It’s about conversation, about dialogue.

  1. You are responsible for the discussion.
  2. Students must speak to other students; not to the teacher.
  3. One person speaks at a time.
  4. Use active listening skills through eye contact, nodding, etc.
  5. Provide feedback or responses.
  6. Allow each speaker enough time to begin and finish her/his complete thoughts.
  7. Be courteous and respectful; no put-downs or verbal bullying.
  8. Refer to the text whenever possible; give examples.
  9. Criticize the idea, not the individual.
  10. Discuss ideas, not individual’s opinions.
  11. Ask for clarification when needed, but be specific about what you want to know.
  12. Speak freely; There is no need to raise hands to get into the discussion.
  13. Stick to the topic being discussed.
  14. Do not have side conversations.
  15. Be willing to change your opinion based on what you hear.

—————- THE RUBRIC —————-


Suggested Participation Rubric

  • Excellent – 40 POINTS

    • Follows seminar rules; Provides insight on a variety of issues; Exhibits an understanding of the text; Respects the ideas of others. CONTRIBUTES 3 TIMES.
  • Good – 30 POINTS
    • Exhibits same behaviors as “excellent,” but does not comment as frequently. CONTRIBUTES 2 TIMES.
  • O.K. – 20 POINTS
    • Attempts to follow seminar rules; Shares one or two comments; Respects the ideas of others. CONTRIBUTES 1 TIME.
  • Poor – 10 POINTS
    • Does not speak; Does not follow seminar rules. NO TICKET. DOES NOT CONTRIBUTE.
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