During the week of January 22nd through the 26th we will be reading and commenting on the first five chapters of the novel (pages 1 – 65).

Below you will find several (4) discussion questions relating to Section 1. You only have to answer one of the questions, however you may choose to answer more than one if you see fit to.

You are encouraged to respond to others’ posts.

Check out the instructions for commenting listed below. Here is a reminder about the NAME field:

Special note on what to type for your name – DO NOT USE YOUR FULL NAME.

  • Any entries with a full name will not be published on the blog, or will be deleted by Mr. Moshé.
  • For Mr. Moshé’s students, please use
    • First Name, Last Initial and Period Number
    • For Example: Henry Q 2
  • For out of town participants, please use
    • First Name, Last Initial – Location
    • For example: Suzie Q – Missouri

Please e-mail the moderator of the blog with any questions at moshej@browardschools.com.

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