Hello and welcome back for week 2 of The Year of the Hangman Book Discussion. The plot is thickening, and this week you learn more about Ben Franklin’s print shop, Creighton’s uncle, and the secret code used by the Liberty Tree newspaper. During the week of January 29th through February 2nd we will be reading and commenting on the second five chapters of the novel (pages 65 – 130).

Below you will find several (4) discussion questions relating to Section 2. You only have to answer one of the questions, however you may choose to answer more than one if you see fit to.

You are encouraged to respond to others’ posts.

If you have an idea for an additional question, please e-mail me at moshej@browardschools.com, and I will post it for everyone.

Last week was an active week on this blog. Since so many people are reading the blog please try to use correct grammar in your posts.

Also please note the author, Gary Backwood, may join the discussion at any point. Read through the comments to see if our author has any thoughts about your comments. If you have any specific questions for Mr. Blackwood please post them as a comment or e-mail me at moshej@browardschools.com, and I will direct him all other questions.

Thanks for taking part in this eye opening project. It has been great to see so many people reading, posting and sharing their experiences. Keep it UP!!

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