2007-2008 STUDENTS

Critical Thinking, or M/J Research 1 as they are calling it this year, is certainly something to think over and through.

I strongly suggest the following supplies and skills for to think with:

  • You will most likely use the following supplies frequently:
    • A Personal Journal – this can be web based as long as it is accessible from school:
      • for reading-related entries;
      • for writing-related entries;
      • any other kinds of entries you can think up to include in it;
    • Some Writing Tools:
      • a pen;
      • a pencil;
      • a highlighter;
      • a marker (preferably of your favorite color);
      • an eraser;
      • skills with proofreading symbols. Getn it?;
    • Book Marks – two or three should do. It is a reading class after all;
  • You will be successful in this class if you have:
    • an open mind,
    • the desire to grow,
    • the humility to take suggestions.

Throughout this school year, for this class, you will consider who you are.

So? Who are you? How have you become who you are? What life events have contributed to the kind of person you are, you want to become, and how you see the world around you? And how do you see the world around you? Does your view of the world affect how you read into the things you read? Do you understand what I’m asking?

Here’s an example: Imagine this . . . .

Alex Haley comes from a family that is eager to make sure he gets everything he needs in order to be prepared for school. Mom likes to talk about homework that he has, helps Alex with it, and even keeps in touch with the teacher about Alex’s progress. Dad gets excited about taking Alex to the store to get some cool new threads every two years, and before school each year, Alex and his father stock up on all the best and freshest new school books, binders, and such.

  • How do you think Alex reacted when he read the list of strongly suggested school supplies for this class above?

Answer these questions to yourself.

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