Classroom Rules Project

Day 1 – Building the Foundation

The First Vocabulary List (and then some).
  • The list: Cooperation, Responsibility, Citizenship, Respect, Kindness, Honesty, Tolerance, Self-control.
  • AND then some for EXTRA CREDIT: Vigilance, Diligence, Courage, Open-mindedness, and perseverance.

Get the details on Day 1 by clicking here.

Day 2 – Discussing What’s at the Core

The Final Word

The Final Word is a whole class discussion event. Here’s how it works. For HW last night, you each were asked to bring with you to class today a phrase/passage from your Code of Student Conduct book that addressed a specific trait. Well, we’ll take it from there.

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Day 3 (Thursday) Crafting The Rules

Small Group Drafting

Today, you are drafting your own (individual set of rules – one for each trait. Then, you’ll share them in a small group to decide on a group set of eight you agree on. Then you will present them to the class for ultimate selection. The class will vote for the favorite rule on each trait.

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Day 4 (Friday) Publishing the Rules

Making it Known

Why have we gone through all this, if we aren’t going to put it out there. You will work hard at having a great and fun friday in this culminating activity. You will create classroom rules posters to post around the room.Get the details on Day 4 by clicking here.

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