Here’s the deal. Go to the websites listed below.

Find and read an article, or view a videocast, watch a slideshow, or listen to a podcast about 9/11 – the day of the terrorist attacks on American soil.

It may help for you to do a search at the sites. Search for “9/11”.

Take detailed notes. Reread the article, rewind the pod or videocast if you need to.

THEN, answer these questions about what you worked with:

  1. What is the title?
  2. Who created it? (author, director, producer,??)
  3. What kind of media? (print article, videocast, podcast)
  4. What website did you go to? (Use your notes)
  5. What is the summary of the piece you used? (Use your notes)
  6. What is the most striking thing you read, saw, or heard in it? (Use your notes)
  7. What is your reaction to your piece? (Use your notes & feelings)

This is required.

Post your work here.

Include your period number after your name (Henry J – P.1).


Choose from these sites and sources.

This assignemnt can be downloaded. I’m testing these features:

Click to download the Word Document – remember-the-tragedy-9-11assignment.doc

Click to download the Graphic Image – Remember the Tragedy - Image File

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