PERIOD 2 Discussion Area – In this area you are to discuss all of the Discussion Questions posted.

  • Discussion Question #1 is CLOSED.
  • Discussion Question #2 is OPEN.

Consider what the discussion question is. Be sure to address the question.


STEP 2 – ADDRESS THE QUESTION (50%). (Question in the answer, your answer, details to support your answer)

  • Give us your entire thought process.
    • Give us details from the text to prove you know what you’re talking about. Otherwise, who knows what you’re basing your thoughts on?
  • Your details do not have to be direct word-for-word quotes (mainly because you do not have the books at home).

    • STILL, give us a clear idea of what thing(s)from the book you are basing your answer on. You can paraphrase, in other words.
  • Please address the topic of your choice in as much detail as possible. The more detail you give us, the better we will understand your thought process, AND the better we will be able to argue/discuss with you.
  • You see, if you give us your entire thought, we can see if there is anything wrong with it – any faulty logic going on there. We are in this discussion to sharpen our wits and gain the ability to think better than we ever have.

STEP 3 – Post a response to classmates (50%).

  • Option #1 – If you agree with someone’s answer . . .
    . . . Then explain what you agree with – be specific. And extend or expand on the thought you are agreeing with by backing your comment up with details from the text, from your own life, whatever is appropriate. You could agree with someone and support your agreement with other more, unused descriptive details from the book, other books, or your own life. Get it?
  • Option #2 – If you disagree with someone’s answer . . . . . . Then justify your disagreement by taking a stance backed up by your own details from the text.
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