This week, you were asked to continue to follow the developing plot. We are well into the Rising Action (Diagram #1, Diagram #2, Diagram #3), and things have been getting interesting. I know you all agree, based on the reactions I saw on almost all of your faces when you finished Chapter 3.

You witnessed the characters’ true desires, motives, allegiances, and colors come to the surface. You may have found that what a character says can tell you a lot about her/his personal value system, what s/he is thinking, feeling, and may be planning. What characters say can also help uncover things about ourselves that we might not have known beforehand.

This week’s discussion question asks you to look at what some of the characters have said. You will need to put on your thinking cap, to step into their shoes (so to speak).

You have three Quotes to consider: A and/or B and/or C. You can discuss one, two or all three of the quotes.

  • Quote A “It is not my death I fear . . . but my life,” says Sybil in Chapter 3 Section 9.
  • Quote B “the more one sins the heavier one gets,” says Damian figuratively in Chapter 3 Section 11.
  • Quote C : Alfric said that his father used to enjoy telling his children, “The shorter the sermon, the longer the truth,” in Chapter 3 section 11.

Try these ideas to begin thinking about the quotes:

  • Put it in your journal, freewrite from it, fastwrite from it, think of how it may (or may not) apply to you. THEN . . .
  • Talk with others honestly about what you think it means, they think it means, etc. Take notes in your journal during your talk, and after your talk. Think about what is meant by the statement(s) you choose again. Write about it in your journal.
  • Think about what the statement means to the character who uttered it. Write about it in your journal.

You only have to deal with one of the quotes, but you are more than welcome to deal with more. If you have enough to say, by all means say it all.

Here’s a question you can consider about Quote A: Describe how Sybil’s attitude toward life changes throughout the book. Use details and information from the text to support your answer. HEY DISCUSSION LEADERS, THIS WOULD BE A GREAT QUESTION TO POSE FOR YOUR GROUP (hint, hint).
Here’s a question to answer about any of the quotes: Can you see any kind of connection you can make with any of the quotes? Tell us what the quote means to you, for you. How do you connect with the quote?Be inspired to post something.

Don’t forget about the StudyHall (extra credit) – if there is anything you

  • don’t understand,
  • do understand and want to help others with
  • want help with,
  • want to discuss,
  • or otherwise
  • . . . use the StudyHall.

You can also use the StudyHall if you are visiting from out of our area: another school, city, state, country, planet.

When you are done getting your answer together, go to your class’ discussion area, post your answer, and let the discussion go where it will.

Please see below to find out where to go for your class’ discussion:

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