BREATHE . . .BREATHE . . .RELEASE: How to relax test-stressed kids.

So, you have all the notes, and you are ready to make preparation fruitful.In class, we are doing focused Standardized Test Practice Passages. At home, we are strengthening our weakest areas based on what turns up in the practice.

How Classwork Works

You had 30 minutes to:

  • Preview the Question (only the question)
  • Read the Passage (the entire passage)
  • Answer the Questions (look at each answer item)
  • Check your Work

Then we:

  • Went over each question and answer.
    • We identified each question’s type (i.e. context clue, contrast, main idea, inference . . .).
    • We shared some incorrect answers, and the correct answer.
      • You were supposed to:
      • Identify what you got wrong to make a plan for HW.
        • For instance, you could come up with a plan like this:
          • “I got #2 wrong. #2 was a cause/effect question. I also got #5 wrong. #5 was an inference question.
          • I have to do HW on cause/effect and inference.”
  • Write down your HW plan in your JOURNAL and your TRACKER.

How Homework Works

For homework you have to:

  • Spend only 15-30 minutes doing homework each night.
  • For each question item you get wrong for a practice passage you must:
    • Find the term/concept you got wrong
    • Go to the links associated with the term
      • Watch the presentation
        • Take notes IN YOUR JOURNAL
          • minimum one note/slide
        • Reflect on it IN YOUR JOURNAL
      • Play the Game
        • Take notes IN YOUR JOURNAL
          • instructions of the game
          • about how the game went
          • the outcome,
          • what you get out of it.
        • Reflect on it IN YOUR JOURNAL
      • Do the Exercise(s)
        • Print your results (if possible)
        • Take notes IN YOUR JOURNAL
        • Reflect on it IN YOUR JOURNAL

And as if that wasn’t enough . . . Come back tomorrow for more.

THis plan will remain in place until we are completely through all of the school adopted Standardized Test Practice Passages.

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