The Year of the Hangman – Section 1 Exposition

Part I – Individual Work

Here are the instructions for Part I

As we begin reading the book, The Year of the Hangman by Gary Blackwood, keep track of: Setting (mood) changes, Main Character Characterization and Attitude (tone) changes, Conflicts uncovered within and without the main character, vocabulary necessary to see the world in the book.

  1. Setting(s) throughout the book
    1. Track the changes that occur through the book as related to the setting. Changes in place, and culture mainly. This will help you understand and feel the mood(s) that surround Creighton.
  2. Characterization and Conflicts of Main Character
    1. Track the attitudes (tone[s]) Creighton displays toward that which surrounds him. That which surrounds him is the setting (hmmm).
    2. Keep track of the conflicts Creighton puts out there whether he realizes it or not.
  3. Vocabulary
    1. On your own, while we are reading the book aloud, make a personal list of words. Although the vocabulary focus is primarily on nautical terminology, you may add the following kinds of terms to your list as well: words you’ve never seen or used before, words you’ve seen before that are being used in new ways, words in other languages.
      1. Nautical Terms (there are more than 50 through the end of Chapter FIVE)
      2. Words you’ve never seen before
      3. Words you’ve seen before, but not used like this
      4. Words of languages other than English

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