The Year of the Hangman – Section 1 Vocabulary

Part II – Group Work

Although the vocabulary focus is primarily on nautical terminology, you may have added the following kinds of terms to your list as well: words you’ve never seen or used before, words you’ve seen before that are being used in new ways, words in other languages.

Below, you will find some links to help you in your vocabulary assignment. You must supply references for any site you take information from. At the website Citation Machine you’ll find a form to enter reference information on. A citation will be generated for you. Use APA formatting.

Here are the instructions for Part II

  1. Working in groups of three, decide on two or three terms to work on.
  2. GET approval to work on the words.
  3. Post ownership of the words you’ve been approved for work on.
  4. In your group research the following for your terms.
    1. Various forms of the word and the parts of the speech, and use.
      1. For instance three examples from other sources (on the internet, in a magazine, newspaper, short story in a textbook) of how the word could be used.
        1. If it’s a verb, supply verb tenses, other forms based on the root word, how those other forms are used in various sources, etc.
        2. If it’s a noun, then supply singular, plural, other forms based on the root word, how those other forms are used in sources, etc.
    2. The sentence from the book (with page reference) that the word appears in.
    3. Synonyms, Antonyms, and/or Examples of the word in another language (or other languages).
    4. The actual definition for the word.
  5. Post all information you have found for the words.
  6. Help others gain an understanding of the words when they are asked about.

Useful Sources of Information and Proper Citation

Here are some links to help you do your research. . .Remember to cite any website you take information from. You are not limited to the sites listed here. You may use other websites. I you find a website you like or find particularly useful, post a link to it in the discussion so others can use it.

  • Take a sentence example? Cite the website.
  • Take a definition? Cite the website.
  • Take an example of the word in another language? Cite the website.
  • Go to Citation Machine for a form to enter reference information on.

Online Nautical Dictionaries

Naval Historical Service, Washington Navy Yard

Marine Waypoints Glossary

Nautical Know How

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