How did it end?


I know that is what a lot of you are wondering. Here’s your chance to offer your own answer.


This week your comment needs to be an alternate ending to The Year of the Hangman.


  • Tell us how you would change the ending.
  • Tell us what happens to the various characters.
  • What happens to George Washington?
  • What happens to Creighton, Uncle Hugh, Sophie, Old Ben?
  • Your ending, your way.
  • ONE RULE, your ending must logically follow the train of thought and plot that led up to it. You can not write something that does not seem plausible based on what happened. It has to make sense and fit into the story.
  • Have fun with this. You earned it.

This is your chance to write an alternate ending, be creative and good luck.


Maybe the author will make a comment or two about your alternate endings. You should like to proof it thoroughly before posting it. Have a friend or family member read it for errors prior to typing it into a comment.

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