Your Turn to Shine

The Great Student Blog Project!!

Now it’s your turn. As an ongoing assignment for the rest of the year, I am asking you to set up your own blog sites. We will use these virtual spaces throughout the rest of the school year.

  • DAY 1 – Set up & Guardian/Parent Link Notification

Send your guardian a message that you have a blog site. Invite them to join. They do not have to join if they do not want to. They DO have to

  • print the message you send them,
  • sign it,
  • and turn it over to you to show me they know about the website.  

A parent note telling me that they are aware that the website is up and running would be fine. The note must include, in their writing, the web address of the site. This is DUE MONDAY MAY 5, 2008


Day 2 and on – Post Discussion Questions

“Write” a “Post” – Go to your Key Words Lists, Concept Maps, Discussion Questions, the ones you wrote in/for class. Pull a discussion question from your written final drafts. Get my approval to post it. And post away. Post it!


  1. Click “Write”
  2. Click “Write Post”
  3. Type your Discussion Question in the field provided.
  4. Type a Title in the field provided.
  5. Click Publish when you’re ready.

Keep This in Mind

People you may never meet could visit your site, as well as your friends, family members, teachers, assistant principals, and principal may visit your site. As Woody once said, “Play Nice.” By that he meant proof read your post before you publish it. Write in an open honest inviting way no matter what the issue is. You want as many people to visit and post as possible.

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