• Text – Language of Literature
  • Pages – S21-S27

We used this story, “Charles” by Shirley Jackson, to get kids to reactivate the knowledge they have about Reading Talents (Strategies):

  • Questioning – the natural inclination to ask questions because of what is presented in the story; this is a foundational skill that feeds all others
  • Connecting – the skill of connecting to things outside the story, either other forms of artwork or personal experiences
  • Visualizing – the skill of visualizing what is presented through the skilled techniques of the writer
  • Predicting – the natural inclination to posit what the events in the story NOW could mean to the story LATER
  • Analyzing – looking at the parts to underatnd the whole, OR vice-versa
  • Clarify – the skill of focusing our perception of what has happened with what is going on in order to gain a clear understanding of the story unfloding

We read the story aloud in class and identified – at any moment during the reading – where we could have been using a reading talent (strategy).

After reading students worked in groups to design a poster on an assigned Reading Talent (Stretgy).

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