THis work should go on Reader’s Notebook page 38 (right side of the spiral).

What are the components of a Newspaper Feature Article?

FInd out the answer to this poingiant question with this asignment.

If you’re using the actual textbook, then you are on your own. You got a full explanation of what is expected and how to go about getting it done in class today.

If you are using the online eServices offered by McDougal LIttell, then read on below.

FIRST, check out this video to see how to get to the assignment online.

VIDEO HERE –  <a href=”    –

  1. CLICK “Reading the Information”, and take notes on the basic components of a feature article (Reader’s Notebook p 38 -right side). This is very important as you will need this information to complete #6 (Research and Inquiry) for HW.
  2. Read the article straight through.
  3. As you read, CLICK “Your Turn” and answer questions 1-5 (Reader’s Notebook p 38 – right side).
  4. When you are finished with the article itself, go on to (#6) the “Activity Link”. FOr this item, you have to “Write a short newspaper feature story explaining why Poe continues to influence and attract people.”
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