Author Study Papers

In addition to the short stories we will be reading as a class, you will be reading at least two other short stories by one additional author in each quarter.

Step 1: Choose an author from each column. You can read additional stories by:

1st QTR
Frank R. Stockton
W.W. Jacobs
Isaac Asimov
Frank R. Stockton
Edgar Allan Poe
Toni Cade Bambara
Cynthia Rylant
Gary Paulsen

Step 2: Choose two stories to read by the author chosen. Our Media Center and the public library system should both have short story collections by all of these authors. Remember that there are many people in this class and a limited number of books, so you need to choose your author early or be willing to share books. Many author resources can be found on the web as well. So, exploit the resources and technology at your finger tips. When you choose your stories, avoid any that we are covering in class.

Step 3: Write one short paper about the stories you chose. Your paper should include short summaries of each story you read and analyses of the stories.For your author, how you choose to analyze the stories is up to you, but the analysis should tie the two stories together based on a common theme or writing style.
Paragraph 1: Introduction – AUthor, Titles, Basis for Analysis
Paragraph 2: Summary of Title #1
Paragraph 3: Summary of Title #2
Paragraph 4: Analysis of the TWO TITLES
Paragraph 5: Conlcusion based on Analysis

Author 1st QTR: ____________________________

Title #1: __________________________________
Title #2: __________________________________

This papers are worth: 120 points each (240 points)

This is HOMEWORK 1st QTR
Rough drafts due: Oct. 22nd, 2008
Final draft s due: Oct. 30th, 2008

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