So, what were you asked to complete in your Reader’s Notebooks (RN page _____)

Here it is.

Pre-reading (Notes)

We talked a bit about bias (and unbiased), stereotyping, and suspense.

We then moved into a bit on how we could notice examples of these things in literature that we read.

During reading (Notes)

You were asked to make a note of any examples of stereotyping you could find. You had to take it down in a  two column chart: left column for the character who expressed a stereotype, and right column for what stereotype that character expressed.

After reading (Questions available at and in the textbook)

You were asked to complete questions 2,3,4, & 5 in the “Thinking Through the Literature” section, the Vocabulary & Spelling Activity, and the Grammar in Context Activity.

As a follow up you must be able to anser the following question: How does the story “The Dinner Party” fit intot he category of a “Twist & Turn” story?

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