So, what were you asked to complete in your Reader’s Notebooks (RN page _____)

Here it is.

Pre-reading (Notes)

We talked a bit about foreshadowing, predictions and how they are linked in a well-written piece. We also talked about suspense, which I should add is also linked to foreshadowing and predictions.

We then moved into a bit on how we could track the connections between these three things as we read a piece of literature.

During reading (Notes)

You were asked to make a note of any examples of foreshadowing, jot down any predictions you make while reading/listening, and to note where you sensed suspense building.

After reading (Questions available at and in the textbook)

You were asked to complete all the “Thining throught he Literature” questions, the Vocabulary & Spelling Activity, and the Grammar in Context Activity.

You were also asked to write a short (very short) essay in response to this: Explain how “The Hitchhiker” satisfies the criteria of a Tale Told in the Dark? I told you to think of the other “Tales Told in the Dark” that we read. THink about the characteristics of those tales: scary, suspenseful, dark mood, some foreshadowing, weird characters, etc. How does the radio play for “The Hitchhiker” satisfy these criteria? Explain taht to me in a short essay.

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