Students!! Here is your opportunity to tell your story. Many people get to the end of a part of their lives and regret having not written anything down. Althoguh the chapter I’ll call your middle school years is ending, you don’t have to forget it all. This is your chant, your mantra, your refrain for having, “No Regrets!!!”

This project is designed to allow anyone to get a look into one’s own psyche, way of thinking, way of being and acting. What you produce for this should illustrate how you’ve changed/grown throughout your middle school years (or not – but I hope not). Memoirs don’t usually peer into the unknown future, but yours can with prediction pages and such.

Check out the project and all that is encompassed by it at the Final Spring Project Page.

Final Spring Project – A Memoir

AND as a side note, check out this article about STUDENT BLOGS and what they can do for YOU in your future – Student blogs can win cash for college – Dennis Carter, eCampus News .

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