In my classroom, you will be put through a CRASH COURSE in figurative language and poetic techniques used by the best poets that have ever existed.

he folllowing components will be satisfied by you for successful completion of the workload over the week you are in my room.

  • Elements of Poetry Notes – This will include details on figurative langauge and poetic techniques. This could also include a specific Active Reading Strategy for Poetry.
  • Hands on Activity 1 – Identify Poetic Elements in The Trees by RUSH
  • Hands on Activity 2 – Identify Poetic Elements in Closer to the Heart by RUSH
  • Hands on Activity 3 – Identify Poetic Elements in Jacob’s Ladder by RUSH
  • Poetry PostTest
  • Science PreTest

So, there will be five grades for you to earn during your visit to my room for 9th Block. If you have covered Poetry in your Language Arts class, then bring your notes to class with you ( or bring a copy ).

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