Essential Questions you should be able to answer are

  1. What motivates artists/poets to join the global Spoken Word movement?
  2. Why do they write poetry?
  3. How do they create poetry?
  4. What styles of delivery do they use?
  5. What poetic techniques do they employ?

— The Poetry Lounge:Self Expression through the Spoken Word —

The Video will be posted here eventually if I can get embed code for it. If you’re in a hurry, you could use your own sign in to view the video, every CMS student has one. Here’s the link – Spoken Word .

— The Poetry Lounge:Self Expression through the Spoken Word —

When we were done viewing and discussing the video, I asked you to consider what you KNOW about Spoken Word poetry and poets. I want you to assume the personae of a Spoken Word Poet. Be one! THink like one. What would motivate you if you were one? IF you are a Spoken Word poet, why would you participate/perform as one?

  • Write a poem in which you copy their style.
    • Write about something that matters to you, and the world at large.
    • Write for real, from the heart.

Your poems are due within 5 school days of this post.

Looking for the Vocab List #6? Click this line.

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