This question will touch on North Carolina Standard Course of Study Objective 5.02 which requires you to study and express your mastery of the characteristics of literary genres – in this case a screenplay.  In answering this quesion you will hopefully be able to prove to me and the world that you

  1. can evaluate what impact genre-specific characteristics have on the meaning of text.
  2. understand how the Myers’ choice and use of a genre (sreenplay) shapes the meaning of the literary work, and
  3. will prove what impact literary elements have on the meaning of the text.

Here’s the question: How does the way in which this story is told – as a script interjected with personal comments from Steve and flashbacks – influence our perseption of the story?

When you post to this discussion use only your FIRST NAME and LASTY INITIAl and the # of the Block you arein.

John Smith in m y 3rd block class would enter John S 4.


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