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Now then . . .

First, if you haven’t already, go to the page – Preparing to Post to THE DISCUSSIONS , and do what is required of you. Then, come back and DISCUSS. The following link will open in a new window. When you are done doing what is required, simply close the window to return here.

Here is an introduction to this week’s Article of the Week Post. You DO NOT have to print it.

Censorship has been around forever, and I fear it may be around forevermore. In order for us to know how to deal with it, we must be familiar with it in its most mild and extreme forms.

The article I would like you to read is called  Book Burning. It will give you a thorough introduction to the topic. On the linked page you will find related articles, related links – even one specifically about Fahrenheit 451 –  at the bottom of the page; along the sidebar you will find a photo show, a map and actual film footage links.

    1. Read the main article on Book Burning.
    2. Then dig deeper to find out something you have personal interest in.
    3. Finally, come back to this post to discuss your findings, your personal reactions, your position on this practice. If you find yourself inspired to write something creative – a story, poem, position statement – share it. If you want to record an audio reply, then do it.

Express yourself without hurting others.

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