With too many causes to list, bullying needs to be dealt with. Here we are!! Let’s get it together to find a solution together. This is a topic NOT to be treated lightly. We will likely spend a couple of weeks on this. What’s the solution? Is the solution to bully the bully? I don’t think so. An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. One of my idols, Ghandi, said that. We need to pay attention to him, to each other, and to our own behaviors. I believe that. What are we doing to contribute to the problem? How can we contribute to the solution instead?

Parents – If you are willing and able to participate in this discussion, I want you to. Before you post to this discussion, please go to the following link and post your agreement to my terms – Preparing to Post to THE DISCUSSIONS. Your child will make sure you do what needs to get done in order for you to be prepared to post. Thanks 🙂 .

Here is a series of tasks for you to complete.

  • First – Students Only
  • Second – Students & Parents – The message is REACH  OUT. Watch this video with your parentsParents are welcome (but not required) to post to the discussion as well. I will double your grade for your parent/guardian participation. Parent posts must be separate submissions (include your child’s first name and last initial for grading purposes0. Discuss with your family what you bear witness to in the video.
  • Third – Students & Parents – POST TO THE DISCUSSION.
    • Talk about what you think, feel, know. . .
    • about your personal experience.
    • a person being bullied should do.
    • a person is expected to do who KNOWS about someone else being bullied.
    • we can do to help a bully stop bullying.
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