The below referenced article got me thinking…. What do you think of these bits directly from the interview . . .

  • an  education system that’s more mindful in teaching social and emotional  skills.
  • a health care system that focuses on  prevention
  • valuing time with our family
  • What teacher or parent is going to argue with a politician or superintendent who says: “I want your children to be able to concentrate. I want them to be compassionate to the other kids in  the class. I want them to care about their community and feel connected  to their school, their family, their community.” What parent is not going to be for all that!
  • a question  in all our states: what are we going to do with the education system?
  • the  building blocks of paying attention and connecting to each other so kids don’t get so isolated that they end up in tragic situations.
  • Throughout the course  of your day, you try to slow down, quiet your mind, and establish  yourself in the present moment no matter where you are.

And that’s just the half of it. Please take it to the interview, Politically Aware: A Q&A with Congressman TIM RYAN. Then come on back here and talk about it.

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