Literature Circle Homework

For the next round of plans you will are developing, you will have to incorporate some kind of out of seat activity – students must move around the room to seek out and discover what you want them to know.

Your homework is to find out about these 3 active classroom strategies. You don’t have to rely on my search results and suggestions. You can do your own research. Remember, you should only spend about twenty minutes on my homework tonight; that’s 6.67 minutes each topic.

  1. Fan & Pick – Here is one search result I thought would be helpful. It details how the strategy as used in a Mathematics classroom, but I’ve used it in my room, also similarly modified as you will read here.
  2. Carousel  –  This activity can be used for pre and post assessments
  3. Jigsaw Strategy – What you have there is the first page of the google search result.


Homework up there. NOT homework down there


Check out the PRACTICE/Interacti0n Section of this link for some other great ideas. Just search the topic you want to find out more about.

Browse this after you finish your homework. I always say (somewhere in my head), find out what works and transfer that to your practice.  PROMOTING GOOD PRACTICES IN MATHEMATICS TEACHING THROUGH LESSON STUDY COLLABORATION


Below this line is, not your homework, just some more tools you can use for your mastery portion. You must show mastery of your topic before you roll your plan out to the class.

Additionally, you may want to incorporate these tools in your plans to show your own mastery and to give your classmates a chance to show theirs, especially where new concepts or vocabulary will come into play.

  • Concept Anchoring Routine -“The Concept Anchoring Routine is used to introduce and anchor a new concept to a concept that is already familiar to students”  (
  • FRAME Routine – “The Frame Routine is a strategy designed to assist students as they organize topics, main ideas and details about reading assignments” (

You can find a large list of Instructional Strategies & Activities here.

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