This event is postponed.

Download this list – Women of History1, and select your TOP five names.  Prioritize them: First Choice, Second Choice, Third Choice, Fourth Choice, Fifth Choice. Bring those names to me FIRST thing tomorrow morning. Names will be assigned on a first come first served basis. I will allow pairs in some cases.

We are doing this assignment as a lead in to the event I have planned for March 25th. Whether you are signing up to be on the program for the event or not, YOU STILL HAVE TO PICK ONE AND DO a RESEARCHED Biography. You will have to turn in an MLA formatted report ( 250-500 words ) with a minimum of 2 sources. Please see my Essential Documents pages for resources and rubric choices to help you along the way. These papers will be workshoped in class, so be sure to bring your draft, whether hand written or typed, to class.

Below are versions of acceptable sources to get your ideas going for how to create/write a biography.

Remember – MLA formatted . Here is my help for you – Research Paper Documents.

If you DO want to be on the program at the event, You need to know that you will get 5-10 minutes to present/participate. I am requesting that you deliver a brief biography of the individual as well as do any of the following things for your assigned woman:

  • read poetry written by the individual
  • read prose written by the individual
  • show slides of work done by the individual with explanation/narration
  • show video footage of the individual with follow up discussion/question and answer session
  • have us listen to or view the work of the individual with follow up discussion/question and answer session
  • perform an impersonation of the individual in costume with prop(s)
  • read/perform your own prose, poetry, or some other performance inspired by your assigned individual
  • display your own artwork inspired by your assigned individual with  discussion/question and answer session
  • do a group presentation where you bring together multiple individuals from the list (pair and/or group presentations). More time would be given for these.
  • You could create a presentation combining multiple methods from the above list.

Pick a woman. Learn about her. Have fun with this. I want you to put your heart into it. Know your women.

Here’s how grades will work.

Researched Biography Writing Assignment – 1 Writing Assignment Grade

  • Rough Draft- Grade 1 – 33%
  • Peer Proof/Edit-Grade 2 – 33%
  • Final Draft-Grade 3 – 33%

EVERYONE MUST DO 1 Researched Biography Writing Assignment (MLA formatted).

Then Everyone COULD choose to participate in the event. If you want to, you MUST  Present on your individual at the event. You have two options. You could do one, the other or both. Your presentation will last 5-10 minutes.

Option 1 – 2 Performance Project Grades – present/perform an original student-created work (poem, prose, drawing, painting, PowerPoint, etc.) inspired by the selected woman from history


Option 2 – 2 Performance Project Grades – present/perform something of the person they researched. Over the next two weeks, I will select the 8-10 students based on diligent dedicated quality work produced and proven practice.

If you only want to do the Writing Assignment, then you will only get 1 Grade.

If you want to and CAN participate in the event, then you could earn as many as 5 grades: present your Bio and Option 1 or Option 2 (3 grades); present your Bio and Options 1 AND Option 2 (5 grades).

If you want to do the extra credit stuff (event participation), but it is IMPOSSIBLE for you to participate, you can earn 1 extra credit grade for a Bio + 1 of the performance options, and 2 extra credit grades a fora Bio + 2 (both) of the performance options.

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