I remember reading Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck a LOOOOONG time ago. Only this year, after fifteen years in the profession, have I decided to teach it and take it to TRIAL.

We are using (1) a prepared study guide (I usually like to use one I create) to take us through the book; (2) some in class small group discussions to keep us up on the plot, characterization, conflicts, etc; (3) two powerpoint driven symbolism & theme exercises  (4) a MOCK TRIAL activity; (5) and a follow up WRAP UP Discussion to debrief ourselves not only from the TRIAL but from the books – all of them – that we read this year.

  • The study guide we used.
  • Some thoughts on the Plot development, Main & Secondary Characters, and Conflicts.
  • Some notes on Symbolism and Theme.
  • The Mock Trials.
  • What could we have done better? How could I make this experience – THE Of Mice and Men UNIT as a whole –  more valuable for students in the future?
  • Wrap Up & Debrief.
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