Please go to the following link to get all the details on the 2014 Do The Write Thing Essay Challenge.

Essential details that MUST be included are stated here (I added italics and numbers in parentheses):

In their writings, students should be encouraged to (1) describe what they feel are the causes of youth violence and to (2) offer specific suggestions about what they as individuals can do to reduce violence in their homes, schools and neighborhoods. (3) Personal responsibility for responding to the problem of youth violence should be emphasized. Students should be encouraged to (4) share personal experiences about the impact of violence on their lives and the lives of their peers.

The panel of judges in your area will be looking at how well your students present their views on these matters. (

I have created this generic outline you could follow to write an essay that will definitely hit all the judged criteria – Do The Write Thing 2014 Outline.

We watched a three two different videos to help us build background on this urgent topic. I am also providing these links. All of these links will give you valuable details

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