Yesterday, we began a new assignment that will become a post on your websites. You will continue working on this on your own. The assignment asks you to realize, see, understand a Text to Video correlation as you work with Fahrenheit 451 and The Twilight Zone TV episode The Obsolete Man. The book covers many Universal Themes such as good vs evil, the will to survive, ignorance vs knowledge.

We started by reviewing a multitude of Universal Themes that authors want readers to learn about and come to understand. We narrowed a list of over 100 Universal Themes to just the ones we feel are treated in Fahrenheit. Then you were asked to pick 3 or 4 you would like to think more deeply about. From those few, you would later decide on one for the Obsolete Man Assignment – only one for the assignment. With that in mind, we watched and discussed a Twilight Zone Episode called the Obsolete Man. Periodically during the viewing, we paused it to make sure we discerned the correlations in plot techniques, symbolism, various uses of figurative language and poetic devices in order to really come to understand how an artist communicates a message on Universal Theme. Rod Serling would never admit it, but The Obsolete Man is clearly based on the ideas developed by Bradbury in Fahrenheit 451.

After viewing, your goal is to create an essay, journal entry, poem, or work of art that shows your understanding of Universal Themes specifically carried in these two works. You can see the details for this assignment at the link below.

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