Twitter – Is it the new platform for real time professional development? How can CEUs be connected to twitter activity? How can my growth based on my activity there be gauged? What about the growth in others I cause? Can I be a developer and developing simultaneously? Twitter, in all its play in me, can have both going on at the same time. I have no doubt about this. My notes from my session are below.  This is a smattering. I was on twitter live for most of the time in the session as part of the session. Here, check it. What you see is a note followed by a dash followed by my reflection.

  • allows for resource sharing – I am already using things I am finding via twitter.
  • can have a twitter class site – I can easily get one set up, but how can i integrate a twitter class site into seamless functionality with the class sites I already use with edublogs? This is going to be a big one. I link to twitter with this site. So, what’s next?
  • can facilitate/participate in real time professional development – I have to look deeper into this; some stuff about how I can create a digital Professional Learning Community (PLC) or Professional Learning Network (PLN) – call it what you will. This is where I’m headed. The last thing I want is to be looked at sideways and hear the side comment, “So, you’re one of those twitterers, then?” or whatever they call individuals on twitter. I want it to be a tool. I will not be sucked into twitter as so many people have been sucked dry by facebook, and such.
  • get updates from educational organizations – I will key this in as one of the main functions of my twitter account.
  • augmented reality – OK, so this was mentioned, but nothing was really delved into on this. What did they mean by this? I know what augmented means and what reality is. So what is it for me in terms of Twitter? This will be a hashtag search for me. Am I gettign the hang of this? hashtag learning about augmented reality hashtag finding my way hashtag rush the band hashtag, uh, #augmentedreality.
  • gaming in the classroom – There was another term they threw out there. Game…something…Gamification. What’s up with this? This seems like something I could definitely bring to bare on my practice. Hence I would to see my way in I would append this #gamification.
  • connecting to the world right away – I guess I am attempting to do that with any # remarks I put in here, eh?

Off to the TwitterSphere with me. Hasta!!

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