To start this part of the block, I asked you to add up some seemingly random numbers. Totals you came to varied. The numbers I gave you were the pre-World War 2 Jewish populations in all the European countries. I then explained that the heartless idea of thinking of people as just numbers was exactly how the NAZI regime viewed all those opposed to their ideology, or way of thinking. My phrasing varied from group to group, but you all got the idea. Opposition to NAZI thinking was simply a threat to their thousand year plan for world domination.

Having figured the total European Jewish population, 9.5 million, you were then asked to find one third of that number – 3.16 million. That’s right, 6.2 million people of one ethnicity, give or take a few thousand souls, were murdered as a matter of policy forced on a people by democratically elected officials’ a transformed totalitarian regime. Figure that one out. Who should not be held accountable? Ask yourself after reading a lot on the topic.

It is only by a stroke of luck? god’s will? outside forces I could never comprehend that my own ancestors left Europe when they did. What if my grandparents hadn’t left Greece in 1914? Would I be here? No one will ever know. I do know that since I am here, I have a charge to tell the story of my peoople. You do to. Tell the story of your people. Don’t let your families heritage, sufferings, successes go down in history unknown. Speak your truth. I do. Here is avideo prepared by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. This one was made in 2013. To see the one they prepared for 2014, visit the link below the video box.

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum – 2014 Days of Remembrance Page

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