We continued our preparation to read Anthem by Ayn Rand with an introductory read of 2112 by RUSH.

  • žRead the lyrics of the song “2112” by Rush carefully.
  • After reading, answer questions that follow. You may write your responses on your paper – use the back if you need more space. žWhile there are no “right” or “wrong” answers, remember that there are always thoughtful and shallow responses (think deep!).
  • žYou will share your responses with the class as we prepare to have a seminar style open discussion on the ideas presented in this song.
Your answers to the questions that follow will be graded according to the chart below.
Criteria Excellent Acceptable Weak
Responses to Questions Thorough, thoughtful,based in the reading,insightful, original Thorough, thoughtful,based in the reading Incomplete, not based inthe reading, and/orshallow
The lyrics were distributed and a timer was set for 10 minutes.
At 9 minutes the following questions were made visible:
  1. Which is more important—being an individual or being part of a group? Explain.
  2. What makes you unique? What makes you similar to others?
  3. Write a brief summary of the song. What is the theme or main idea? (Do NOT say you don’t “get it” or respond “I don’t know”! If you are unsure, do the best you can.)

Discussion Rubric is here – Whole Class Discussion Rubric.

Here’s the video . . .

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