I make it a point to teach Ayn Rand’s literature and philosophy for one reason – to show it for what it is: A foundation for a completely self-centered self-serving lifestyle. With her humongous body of literature, Ayn Rand may have written the Manifesto for the New Decline of Western Civilization, and if you are not careful you will be scrubbed out under the eloquent garbage of her words. NOT reading her work is emperilling the entire world as we know it; we who want what’s good for everyone; we who are concerned for everyone; we, whose true nature is one of benevolence are being pummeled by these lunatics because there are masses of genuinely good people who don’t understand what kind of inteligent force is behind our adversaries. David Brat is a real force. He and others like him are our intellectual political adversaries. The only way to combat this type of power is through civil measures. We must not ever vote for people like David Brat. He and his party are fundamentalist Ayn Randers. They is dangerous. No one should vote for any of them, and everyone should pay attention to him. The following article prompted this post. Enjoy.

The Ayn-Rand Loving Billionaires and Vast Right-Wing Machine Behind David Brat | Alternet


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