I know we all enjoy seeing our friends and family post pictures of what’s going on in their lives: the first lost tooth, the latest lost great grand parent, the trip to the mountains, the trip over the dog into the living room, the broken elbow, the broken relationship. That’s one of the big advantages to social networking. Most of my extended family lives in another state. I subscribe to some amazing thought provoking stuff my friends and family appreciate. I feel that every person in my life is a miracle of humanity: my daughters, my mother and father, my girlfriend . .  All of you too are miracles of humanity. You will continue to become more miraculous as you grow and change…and change the world with you. I wanted to share this with you and my socially networked community of friends, family, anonymites, colleagues, present and past students. You must never stop thinking about the world, yourself, others. It is why we grow up. It is how we grow up. Enjoy. http://www.themirrorpost.com/2014/08/these-29-clever-drawings-will-make-you.html?m=1

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