In my absence, I try to connect in some way what is going on in my life with you all. I will be out for a very sacred holiday for which I will commence on an inward journey of introspection and personal spiritual cleansing.

Your task, should you choose to accept it, is . . . to read about Fables, Parables, and Fairy Tales so that you can: (1) Tell them apart from one another; (2) Tell me what is similar about them; (3) Identify a story as one of the three types when presented with one.

You will be given a handout.

1. You will need to look up some Key Vocabulary  words (derive, derivative, concise, didactic, prose, verse, personification, allegory, allegorical, symbol, extended metaphor, simile, enigma, conflated, absolute). Write down the definitions of those words.

2. Read the article . On the front side will be the article for you to read (Highlight anything confusing & Mark up the text with reading strategies).

3. On the back side will be a 3-part VENN Diagram. Fill the diagram with information about the 3 types of stories.


What would a teacher want me to know about these three things?

How can I organize the information in this article?

You have to turn in: the Key Vocabulary list for this assignment, the article all highlighted and marked up & the VENN Diagram as full as you can get it.

Fables-Parables-Fairy Tales Handout

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