. . . in terms of education, that is.

Good Bit of News #1 – Your projects have been extended to THURSDAY.

What with Career Day, this Wednesday, I couldn’t expect 4th, 5th, and 6th periods to be ready Wednesday, and hold 1st period accountable that same day when I wouldn’t see them. So, I pushed the projects to THURSDAY, November 13th. We will start grading all your projects with your chosen rubrics THURSDAY, November 13th, 2014.

Good Bit of News #2 – Jonathan Livingston Seagull continues to fly along this week.

We will continue our reading of the fable novella this week. I expect to finish it.

Good Bit of News #3 – We will read Anthem next.

Good Bit of News #4 – You woke up again today.

Be grateful. Live in the moment. Do all the good you can do each moment of the day.

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