THIS page applies to Mr. Moshé’s students and all those concerned with them.

Our Daily Routine Agenda in EVERY BLOCK is roughly presented to you here. I prepare a daily presentation to guide us through the block . . . .

  1. D.E.A.R./Journal: Depending on the material we are dealing with, this may be replaced with something else. During this time slot, I will track how much you are reading on a daily and evening basis, and I will likely conference one-on-one with you.
    1. Also known as Reading Accountability – While reading you will focus on the core of the day’s plan with an active reading task, OR
    2. You will read silently for 15-20 minutes and then journal on your reading using a preselected Journal Starter, OR
    3. You will work on (8th Grade) Student-Driven Vocabulary.
  2. Warm Up: There is always something to get your synapses flashing. This will generally be tied to our focus for the block. You will be given 5-15 minutes to write on some topic of my or a classmate’s choosing, and share with a neighbor . I may conference one-on-one with you during this time.
  3. Homework Reminder?:  This is a daily reminder of what we have been doing in class, where our focus should be, and what we should be doing at home. I check your HW, and you check for any new HW. This is incorporated into the daily presentation.
  4. Grammar Moment: We will take some time to work on a grammar topic that has been identified as a weak area for an individual or the entire class. This will generally be tied to our focus for the block when possible.
  5. Core Topic Activity: This will vary on a day-to-day basis and will include all or combinations of explicit instruction, guided practice,  independent practice. The following items will be used as needed based on our quarterly focus or what else comes down, say, from administration and/or the district.
    1. Planning to Write and/or Writing Plan – We devote this time to workshopping our writing. Everything is fair game along the entire writing process: Brainstorming, Planning, Rough Drafting, and Final Drafting. There will be many different things being done on many different types of writing all at the same time. I love this stuff, because it allows me to mix it up; it keeps class fresh for me.
    2. Student-Led Test Preparation – This is a student-led activity where a student facilitates a scripted administration and review of practice standardized test work. This usually becomes a major focus at some point in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Quarters.
  6. Wrap Up &/Or Exit Ticket – This will usually be what I use to gather authentic live data on where you are with what we covered during today.
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