Part 4 – Publishing the Rules

Making it Known

Today in pairs, you will work on designing posters that we will post throughout our classroom.

Let’s review!

Let’s move on!

Why have we gone through all this, if we aren’t going to put it out there. You will work hard at having a great and fun arts and crafts day in this culminating activity.

You will create classroom rules posters to post around the room.

We will need 1 FULL SET of RULES POSTER, and 1 POSTER for each TRAIT. You may work in teams.

  • Quick sketch your poster idea on computer paper – This doesn’t have to be a very detailed drawing. HOWEVER, you must be able to explain what will be where on the poster, and you will have to explain to me the connection and significance of the artwork. Petty borders, squiggly lines and such are not considered artwork that connects tot he idea on the poster. The posters must have (for 100 points):
    • On the FRONT
      1. The word
      2. The definition
      3. The RULE
      4. A Quote with attribution
      5. Illustration, drawing, artwork of some kind
    • On the BACK
      1. Your names (LAST, FIRST)
      2. The date
      3. The block
      4. Mr. Moshé
  • Show me and get my OK initials
  • Get construction paper, and  pencil the whole thing.  NO  INK yet!!! Check spelling, readability etc. etc.
  • Get my approval
  • Ink the whole thing. This means go over all the pencil lines with black ink.
  • Then add color to the whole thing.
  • POST IT! After all, it is called a POSTer. Ain’t it?

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