When we are done with this entire unit of study:

  1. You will have to POST to your websites as ONE of the characters from Flowers for Algernon. In that post you MUST show understanding of the UNIVERSAL THEME of your choice such as Knowledge is Power, or Ignorance is Bliss, Friendship is Essential to Happiness, etc. Here, this might help Universal Themes documents… Get outside yourself, be a character, understand another, practice EMPATHY (the hidden goal of this assignment IS to come to understand (1) what motivates others & (2) how and why others feel/think/act the way they do).
    1. THROUGH YOUR CHARACTER,  you WILL show that you can practice empathy and illustrate a thorough understanding of theme, universal theme, and main idea. Your character has to talk about and answer:
      1. Where is someone else “coming from”?
      2. What truths about oneself are uncovered by the study of art, literature and others?
      3. What are Universal Themes?
      4. Why is it important to understand where other people are coming from?
      5. What is your purpose in life?
      6. Why are we here on earth?

And . . . When you’re all done, you may enjoy the 1968 film production. Here it is.

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