You will have 4 things to do in order to finish this project: (1) Answer the questionaire , (2) Answer the webquest questions, (3) Post to this page as a discussion, (4) We will read  The Diary of Anne Frank (the play) together in the classroom. You can get parts 1-3 going right now. Check out the details below.

FIRST (5-10 minutes – timed), complete the following questionnaire BEFORE you begin the webquest below. If you think you know a good thorough answer, then write one out completely. Print this webquest worksheet, and on the blank back of this 14 question worksheet to fill in, answer the 9 questions listed below in brief yet complete sentences. Later, you will find answers to all of the questions (1-14 and 1-9).

ADDITIONAL 8 OK, it’s 9 (now) Holocaust QUESTIONS

  1. What do you know about World War II?
  2. What do you know about Hitler and Nazi Germany?
  3. Are you interested in stories about real-life heroes?
  4. Would you ever treat someone badly because of his or her race or religion?
  5. Are you interested in stories that reveal injustice?
  6. Would you be able to spend more than two years hiding in an attic?
  7. Are you interested in stories about real teens that must cope with evil?
  8. Would you allow others to destroy your life because they do not like your race or religion
  9. Would you allow others to destroy someone else’s life because they do not like someone else’s race or religion?

SECOND (15-20 minutes – timed), find all the answers to the webquest and the 8 9 additional questions. If you have headphones or earbuds, put them on now.

  1. Go to the Anne Frank Webquest.
  2. Once there, answer the questions on the 14 question worksheet to fill in that you already got (above). Here is the answer to #10 – Watch for the answer. It happens right away.
  3. Here are some great sources of information on WW II and the Holocaust to help you with the 9 Additional Questions.
    1. Holocaust Encyclopedia,
    2. Holocaust Related Web Sites,
    3. The Holocaust Memorial Resource and Education Center of Florida

THIRD, (15-20 minutes – timed), POST to this discussion – answers to the webquest.

  1. As detailed below, post some extended information to this page from one of the linked pages you go to for answers to the questions.
    1. If your last name begins with A-E then offer some extended information from the linked page for any Questions 1-4.
    2. Last name F-I ———— Questions 5-7
    3. Last name J-N ———— Questions 8-10
    4. Last name O-S ————  Questions 11-14
    5. Last name T-Z ————  ADDITIONAL 8 Holocaust QUESTIONS
  2. This is the same worksheet to fill in that you already got (above).

FOURTH, and intermittently, we will listen to, work on and have discussions born of  The Diary of Anne Frank Study Guide Questions.

  • The dramatic adaptation by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hacket, The Diary of Anne Frank, is based closely on the actual diary, Anne Frank: Diary of a Young Girl, however there are modifications.
  • See if you can uncover some of the changes that Goodrich and Hacket made in writing the play.

ULTIMATELY, we will close with a discussion of tolerance, open-mindedness and our society.

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