What is text? THat is one of the most important questions to be able to answer for the rest of your life. For our p[urposes here, the word text refers to a story, article, novel, chapter, painting, sculpture, or other thing created by an artist or author to be considered for learning (I guess).

With that out of the way, let’s get to . . .

Preparation to have The FINAL WORD

In order to move into this activity, students need to have completed a reading of a story, article, novel, chapter, painting, sculpture, or other selection. THey also need to have had a close reading of that “text”.

Students must pick what they consider to be the THE most striking intense and/or important feature from the piece. This passage can be a piece of a sentence, a whole sentence, a whole paragraph, but not longer than 2 paragraphs. It could be a detail section of a paining, a specific angle taken on a sculpture, a tone or mood described by a “text” or piece of “text”

Copy it down word for word (Page #s), and write down very clearly why you picked this passage, what it means for you.

The Final Word – Application



Proceed to the left,

Each person can comment on what the people before said (quotation or comments)

This proceeds until everyone has had something to say because of Student  A

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