This is just a sampling. Some contests need to be searched for on the internet in order to get current year submissions information and guidelines.

Enter any contest with a piece of writing you have taken through the entire creative process with your class and/or classmates and get a full credit test grade. Everything we do is built for this kind of thing. Don’t you want a prize of some kind for what you know you can do?

It is your responsibility to know what it will take to get your submission in on time while meeting all requirements. Only after submission proof is provided will you get your grade. Here is what it will take in general.

  1. Provide proof that you built any background knowledge needed to do your best.
    1. This includes BRAINSTORMING & PLANNING. This may include watching a video, listening to a podcast, reading related text content, exposing yourself to artwork, learning about some region of the world and/or some culture on earth (or beyond), and/or something not listed here.
  2. Provide proof that you continued to take your writing through the whole creative process.
    1. This includes PLANNING, ROUGH Drafting, PROOFING/EDITING, (possibly) ReROUGH Drafting, FINAL Drafting relative to specific contests’ formatting requirements.
  3. Provide all submission forms already filled out.
    1. These might be printed or online. Some of these contests use EXCLUSIVELY DIGITAL submission methods.

All I should have to do is sign where necessary IF necessary. If you want a grade for your efforts, I MUST see PROOF of the entire creative process, and a confirmation that your submission was submitted properly and accepted.

CONTESTS that require payment to be entered are never required by me. Entry is REQUIRED for contests marked with some kind of star (*).

Win a contest and be recognized on my website in addition to getting whatever spoils are offered by the contest hosts. 

Contests in General

  • New Voices Young Writers Competition
  • North Carolina Council on the Holocaust – Writing, Music, And Art Contest
  • Scope Magazine Contests
  • Teen Ink Contests
  • New Youth Connections – A different writing prompt for each contest. You must be age 14-19 to enter. Preference will be given to New York City area residents. At the editors’ discretion, entries from outside the New York City area will be considered. $150 maximum prize.
  • The Writing Conference, Inc. – Yearly writing contests for elementary, junior high/middle and high school students. Topic changes yearly. Students may create a poem, a narrative, or an essay. Each of the winners in each school level will receive a plaque commemorating the award. In addition, these winners will have their writing published in The Writers’ Slate. They will be guests at the evening Celebration of Writing Reception.
  • The Claremont Review – Contest in poetry and fiction for teens 13-19. $500 maximum prize, along with publication on $18 entry fee that includes a subscription to the magazine.
  • Kids-in-Print Book Contest – For students 19 and younger. Each student’s book may be on any subject and in any genre — fiction, non-fiction, biography, autobiography, mystery, humor, science fiction, etc… Text may be written in either prose or poetry. Book must be illustrated. Students win a publishing contract. Read the fine print at the website. It could change year after year.
  • YES! National Student Writing Competition: The YES! Exemplary Essay Project demonstrates how teachers can use YES! Magazine stories as the basis for thought-provoking writing. It also gives students an opportunity to voice their opinions and show off their stellar writing. I, Mr Moshé, am not subscribed to this publication, henceforth, this one will be impossible to enter properly for now.
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