This assignment is due by _____________________ .
In total, this report has to be 500 words in length. The deadline is 11:59:59 PM, _________________ . If you can not post to the blog, this is due when you walk in _____THE DAY OF THE DEADLINE IN CLASS__ .

REMEMBER, you may not (ever, ever, ever, ever, ever) use Wikipedia as a source in any way. Ever. EVER!

  • First, post ownership of one topic from below. No two students can work on the same topic.
  • Second, keep a bibliography. Gather the information on your research topic. Keep track of your sources on notebook paper.
  • Third, write a short research report of your findings. Supply all references at the end of the paper/report. Do not plagiarize.
  • Fourth, use proper citation for your sources.
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  • Period 6 click here for your PERIOD 6 work space.

Here is the list of topics:

  1. The Revolutionary War
  2. The (real) Year of the Hangman
  3. The French and Indian War
  4. The United States Constitution
  5. The Declaration of Independance
  6. Benjamin Franklin and the Revolutionary War
  7. George Washington and the Revolutionary War
  8. Mount Vernon and the Revolutionary War
  9. London, England and the Revolutionary War
  10. John Adams and the Revolutionary War
  11. Thomas Jefferson and the Revolutionary War
  12. New York and the Revolutionary War
  13. Lexington and the Revolutionary War
  14. Gary Blackwood
  15. The Azores
  16. Warships, British
  17. Warships, American
  18. Pirates and the Revolutionary War
  19. Trenton and the Revolutionary War
  20. Samuel Adams and the American Revolution
  21. Sons of the American Revolution
  22. Outcome(s) of the American Revolution
  23. Slavery and the Revolutionary War
  24. Philadelphia and the Revolutionary War
  25. Valley Forge and the Revolutionary War
  26. Weapons of the Revolutionary War
  27. American Officers of the American Revolution
  28. British Officers during the American Revolution
  29. Liberty Tree – Is it real? Was it real? Find Out!
  30. Card Game, Whist
  31. Important Battles of the American Revolution
  32. Important Places of the American Revolution
  33. Songs of the American Revolution
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