You might have accidentally found this page because you eat clickbait like I eat Fritos© Corn Chips.
You could be here because I had been, am or will be your teacher. No matter, your reason. Eh?
This is not about school or schooling. Or is it?
This is about potentially making money as a writer...or getting yourself on that path.
This is about you and the art you create.

Writing Contests are a great way to write for a purpose. Writing Contests are a great way to grow your art. Enter any writing contest with a piece you have taken through the entire creative process (with me, a classmate, a group of writers, etc.). Students enrolled in one of my courses will get an EXTRA CREDIT GRADE for submission. Win a contest and be recognized on my website in addition to getting whatever spoils are offered by the writing contest host. You may enter ANY contest, however, CONTESTS that require an entry fee are NEVER required by me. EVER. You may enter them, but neither I nor the school I’m employed at will help with financial investment.

It’s your responsibility to know what it will take to get your submission in on time while meeting all requirements. To reach your desired outcome, look over everything . Planning will be key. Deadlines happen.

We will not spend time on this in the classroom. Only after submission proof is provided will you get your EXTRA CREDIT grade. Your writing DOES NOT have to end up accepted and published. You simply have to have the courage to submit your writing for consideration. Here is what it will take to get the EXTRA CREDIT. You must provide proof (pics, screenshots, links, etc.) that

  1. You built any background knowledge needed to do your best: Google Doc of research.
  2. You took your writing through the whole creative process: Google Doc.
  3. You took all the necessary steps to get your work submitted: Google Doc w/screenshots

Some TIPS!

  • ALWAYS research the person judging the contest. The judge always has preferences: Write to those preferences. So, this means you have to do some useful research, not like the research you did for some of your k-12 school courses; This research could get you some cash. Eh? NICE!
  • ALWAYS satisfy the submission guidelines exactly.
  • ALWAYS be humble. Most writers get a lot, and I mean A LOT, of rejections. It’s part of the process. You can’t celebrate getting published if you’ve never been rejected. Kind of. You want recognition? Submit a lot of your writing. You will get published. I just don’t know when.

Search site pages to get current-year submission guidelines, deadlines, and other information.

Contest Search & List Pages

Specific Contests

Everything we do is built for this kind of thing. Get out there

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