Welcome 2015-2016

Let’s keep this as simple as possible. That’s a little joke.

Please go to the following pages, and read them entirely. Then come back to this page and post any comments and questions you have.

  1. Monday – Come Inside
  2. Tuesday – Routines & Procedures
  3. Wednesday – Student Code of Academic Integrity
  4. Thursday – Homework Expectations
  5. Friday – Your Reading Journal Page
  6. Monday – Your About Me Page
  7. Tuesday – About Me, Mr Moshé


Things heated up in 6th period with our Fahrenheit Culmination

I could have been more proud, but then I’d be guilty of hubris. You all did great today. Share your accomplishments with your parents and friends. I’m honored to be a part of your lives.

Mildred in her mausoleum
The Fahrenheit Players with their masterfully created stage set and puppets.
Let's Make a Deal F451 Edition game creators
Love that rule...deal with it.

1-to-1 Tool Test Run – Stupeflix

It took me ten minutes to make this. Figured I’d see what I could throw together so I would know what I could expect from my amazing student body. If I can do this, then you can do way more. I had fun doing this, got to feature my most precious and brilliant daughters, and used music I have enjoyed for years. I vote for this tool. We will integrate its use for sure.

Teaching learning for all. Something to think over and through 'cause it's what we do.