Publishing your Google Slides

I created these instructions while I learned how to do it. I hope this helps. This is pretty exciting from a teaching and learning standpoint. This will change your present and because of that, your future.

This presentation will evolve over time, and evolutions of it will be immediately viewable.

1-to-1 Tool Test Run – Stupeflix

It took me ten minutes to make this. Figured I’d see what I could throw together so I would know what I could expect from my amazing student body. If I can do this, then you can do way more. I had fun doing this, got to feature my most precious and brilliant daughters, and used music I have enjoyed for years. I vote for this tool. We will integrate its use for sure.

PBL Pilot: Apps, Tips, and Tricks | Edutopia

I just discovered this thanks to my Facebook feed from Edutopia, so I’m just reading it now – how timely. Let’s all look into this, read into this, to come away with what we want to bring into our classroom. Our chromebook one-to-one starts soon. What do you want to pilot for our program. Write a POST for your website in which you explain the tool you feel must be used, and how you see it applied. Describe your vision. Submit a comment to this discussion with a link to your POST on your site.

Teaching learning for all. Something to think over and through 'cause it's what we do.