All resources are mostly borrowed material and ideas created by students in attendance during the 2012-2013 school year at Southwest Middle School in Charlotte, NC.

Simply Brilliant.

I use a PowerPoint I modify and customize each year. It includes all of the following components most of the time:

  1. D.E.A.R/Personal Journal
  2. Grammar – We focus on Pronouns for our study of Anthem.
  3. Homework Reminders – These tend to fall away when we have technology on demand in the classroom, mainly because homework pretty much disappears when we have the technology at our disposal on a daily basis. All I ask, when we have laptops, chormoebooks, and/or responsible use of personal devices, is that you read your personal novel every night and post a journal entry on your Reading Journal Pages.
  4. Reading Recap(s) – For this we summarize the WHOLE story up to where we are about to begin reading.
  5. Read Aloud – We do not read every day. When we do, we use the Anthem – Guided Reading Questions . This, I found out there on the internet some time between 2012-2014. It’s pretty good. I suggest, and will be doing some myself, editing to fine tune the phrasing of some of the questions. You can choose to complete these on paper, as posts on your websites, or on your website’s Reading Journal page.
  6. Remainder of period – Website Work – Throughout our study of Anthem, as is the case with our study of everything, you will be asked to visit my site AND your classmates’ sites to participate in discussions. I will assign discussion topics from a set list for this book from this list – Anthem – Study Guide Discussion Options. This too, I found out there somewhere. You will sign up for one or two discussion topics each, and post your responses when it becomes germane to post it. You will know when to post it because we will reach the point in the book that is on your topic (and I will let you know).
  7. Extra Credit Discussion Option #1: Anthem by Ayn Rand & Billy Joel
  8. Extra Credit Discussion Option #2: Anthem by Ayn Rand & Billy Joel
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